Instantaneous Web Apps/Forms

Use our simple drag-and-drop interfaces to build your web-based tool the way you want. Save precious man hours and money.

Warranty Management

Manage the warranty and guarantee schemes of all your IT and non-IT assets, centrally. File timely claims or purchase warranty extensions, where possible.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Simplify IoT complexity, integrate devices and systems of all ages and standards, and improve the reliability and security of your IoT infrastructure.

Mobile Apps

Deliver information and services to your customers directly through their handheld devices. Improve customer engagement and employee productivity.

Integrated GIS Solutions

Make the best out of the geographical resources that belong to you and use them to your advantage. Improve utilization of physical space and urban planning.

Custom Solutions

Address and overcome any kind of business challenge through effective use of technology. Your unique requirements, fulfilled through our unique solutions.
About 1Mally

Digital Transformation Made Easy

1Mally IT Solutions is one of the top, premier providers of IT services in Australia and New Zealand. Our team consists of industry veterans who have implemented tailor-made, enterprise-level solutions for private and public sector organizations alike, for over two decades. We cater to organizations of all sizes and from all industry verticals.

We work hard to deliver value for your money and enable you to do more with less. Consistent and timely delivery of cost-effective solutions is our USP. You can trust us to deliver the best solution for any business issue that can be effectively overcome through technology.

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