Asset Tracking

Does your organization create tangible products? Or is the end-product of your organization intangible?

Either way, having quick access to real-time information on the location, count, health, status, and availability of the physical assets in your organization is imperative. These assets are what ensure the smooth creation and delivery of your products or the effective operations of your services.

If comprehensive, real-time information on the location and availability of your organization’s assets is what you are looking for, worry not; you have reached the right place.

At 1Mally IT Solutions, we know the significance of a company’s assets and strive to effectively deliver the whole gamut of asset tracking for organizations.

Our web and mobile-based asset tracking applications provide you with the following capabilities:

  • Real-time tracking – Know the live location of your assets
  • Geo-fencing – Restrict movement of your assets within a particular geographical boundary
  • Carpooling – Save costs and also do your bit in conserving nature by reducing the number of vehicles used for commuting
  • Alerts and SOS calls – Receive prompt updates on untoward incidents, if and when they occur
  • Central administration – Manage all your tracking activities from a central dashboard/admin console
  • Approval workflows – Process and approve requests easily
  • Role-based access permissions – Restrict access to data, based on user profiles and roles
  • Comprehensive reporting – Simplify decision-making with the help of timely reports

Our asset tracking solutions integrate with most of the widely used GPS devices in the market. Since our apps are cloud-based, you can also be sure of reliably using them from anywhere, anytime.

Further, we host our data and apps in an Australian data center. So, you can be sure about the security of your data.