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Going digital is one of the easiest and most effective ways in which businesses today can read the market better and reach out to more customers. And for the longest time, businesses needed strong technical resources to drive their digital efforts. At least a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other such web technologies was mandatory.

Thanks to the advancements in web design and development, this is no longer the reality. At 1Mally, we make it easy for you to create web forms and apps and help you hit the ground running within a short span of time.

Our instant web app/form developing solution uses simple drag-and-drop interfaces to help you build your web-based tool the way you want. You do not have to spend precious man hours or money to set up your tool.

Having worked with multifarious organizations over a span of two decades, we also realize that not all businesses need the same kind of information or have the same priorities.

Knowing this key requirement, we have also made it easy for you to customize the elements in your app/form to suit your business needs. As a result, you can fetch the most pertinent customer information through your web forms and provide the best solutions to customers through your web apps.

Be it a small/medium business or large enterprise, our web app/form solution caters to the general needs of any industry and the specific needs of any organization.