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The advent of geographic information system (GIS) tools has brought about a remarkable change in the way industrial organizations utilize physical space that belongs to them and government agencies plan cities and public spaces.

Over the years, we, at 1Mally IT Solutions, have consistently helped organizations leverage the geographical resources in their disposal and use it to their advantage.

Irrespective of whether you’re a private or a public sector organization, we can help you:

  • Digitally map geographical locations in your control
  • Thoroughly analyze geographical resources
  • Optimize transportation routes
  • Derive actionable insights from geospatial intelligence
  • Meaningfully store and manage spatial data
  • Integrate your GIS apps with business apps (such as your ERP tool)
  • Collect accurate geographical data, and
  • Track assets in real-time

Our team of expert consultants have implemented solutions involving major GIS technology providers, such as Esri, GE Smallworld, and Google. What more? We have also created solutions using open source GIS technologies!

Effective utilization of physical spaces and thoughtful planning of urban spaces are gaining priority in today’s globalized world. And at 1Mally IT Solutions, we strive to pave the best way forward to your GIS journey.