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Constant connectedness defines the current generation of the digital era. And it’s not just humans, but also devices that need to stay connected to one another today.

Thanks to advancements in connectivity technology, sensors, control hardware/software, and cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality today. And both individual consumers and industrial organizations can experience a world of good through it.

If your organization houses a variety of devices serving different purposes and needs a robust IoT infrastructure, look no further from 1Mally IT Solutions. Even if you have not thought of implementing an IoT infrastructure at your organization, feel free to contact us to know how you can leverage it to your advantage and get ahead of your competitors.

Our extensive technical know-how can help fulfill all your needs related to:

  • Device monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Live data analytics
  • Cloud services
  • Smart devices
  • Sensors and controllers

and all core and supporting IoT technologies.

Our proven expertise and experience in simplifying IoT complexity, integrating devices and systems of all age and standards, and improving the reliability and security of IoT infrastructures make us your ideal implementation and maintenance partners.

More and more organizations are making meaningful investments in IoT technology and we believe it is important for you to do the right thing at the right time.