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Customers today need information and services delivered to them anywhere, anytime. Further, smartphones are omnipresent today, be it in developed countries or emerging economies. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a B2C organization or a B2B organization, a mobile app is essential for your business either way.

At 1Mally IT Solutions, we realized the incredible value of mobile apps long ago and have been helping organizations deliver that value to their customers since then.

We come with vast expertise in building cloud-hosted, low-memory mobile apps for businesses across different verticals. We have both built mobile apps from scratch and optimized web apps to function smoothly on mobile devices.

We make it a point to harness the strengths of each mobile platform and make the best use of the features and functions they offer. Therefore, be it an iOS app or Android app, it will make your employees more productive and keep your customers more engaged.


Before setting out on the actual app creation process, we study your business processes thoroughly and make sure to provide ways to perform them easily via the app.

We further believe in nailing both the form and function of the apps we build. So, you need not worry if the app will look good but not serve its purpose or vice versa. Our team of talented designers and app developers will make sure that you get the best of both worlds.