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As a commercial establishment, you may own a plethora of assets – both IT and non-IT. Irrespective of their function, all assets must be durable and well-performing in the long run. Fortunately, a majority of assets come with long-term warranty, providing you with great repair/replacement options in case something goes wrong.

However, whether organizations make the best use of the warranty plans of their assets is a huge question mark. When an asset develops problems after its warranty lapses, the repair process becomes more tedious and expensive. And this challenge is compounded if the assets are high in number and varied in nature.

What could help you manage product warranty in such a scenario?

Enter 1Mally IT Solutions’ warranty management tool.

Simply put, this tool is a central location for managing the warranty and guarantee schemes of all your assets. It stores information regarding the warranty periods of all your assets and suggests filing claims or purchasing extensions, where possible.


This cloud-hosted solution comes with powerful functions and an easy-to-use interface, making life easy for your admin teams. All that they need to do is just enter the basic information and warranty details of each asset and based on that, our warranty management solution will:

  • Trigger reminders when the warranty period of an asset is about to lapse
  • Help easily file claims
  • Help save money by suggesting warranty extensions

With our warranty management tool, you can be assured that the warranty schemes of your assets do not go to waste.

book reports online

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